Best Administrative Assistant Resume Tips

Much has been written and discussed on how to write a resume title or administrative assistant resume for that matter but still a final draft that could be relied upon has not emerged yet.

The pivotal reason for the same has been the change in the requirement of the potential recruiters and also the job profile. Basically, resume writing is an art and only a few of the applicants are able to pull it off. Thus, writing a resume according to the current demand of the employers becomes a necessity.

In the same context, let's see some of the important administrative assistant resume writing tips

Know the purpose of the resume- Don't draft your administrative assistant resume like a job seeker who is desperately looking for a job. Always remember that the foremost aim of the resume shall be to grab an interview call. Also you need to shift the theme of the resume to the job title you are applying. For example- If you are an applicant for a web designer position, make sure the resume is not positioned for administrative assistant post. Thus, knowing the whole idea behind a resume is crucial.

Objective Statement- Once you have written your full name on the top left side of the resume, writing an objective statement must loom large next. An objective statement is nothing but a goal to be achieved professionally in a given duration of time period. Writing the same gives a good impression to the employers that you are serious enough about your future and could be considered for the applied position.

Enlist your professional experience- This is the column you must be waiting to be listed. Start with the most recent work experience and follow the next ones in a chorological order. Also mention the position held, teams handled, any award or reward for the work, etc. If you are a fresher you can also mention any internships and training done.

Educational credentials are a must- Next to follow in the administrative assistant resume is to mention the candidate's educational qualifications. You should start with the most recent degree and it can be followed by the less important degrees

Avoid mentioning about hobbies- No need to increase the length of the resume by mentioning your hobbies, it's not a good thing to add as recruiters dislike the same

Use correct keywords- You must know that various employers are searching for the right candidates online. Thus your resume must contain the keywords searched by them to be in the fray for the position. Correct keywords mean using power words that may be on the mind of the employers. Example- If an employer is offering an administrative assistant job, your resume must contain the same word so that the search engine is able to take out your resume

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are hobbies important on a CV or can you get rid of them to save space?
    Are hobbies interesting on a CV if having them on makes it go onto two pages? And if the hobbies do not at all relate to the job you are applying for?

    • ANSWER:
      Hobbies are not important and you can eliminate it on your CV for the time being and verbal with the interviewer if they asked you for it during the interview. Most hiring manager is interested in your past job experience, achievements and accomplishment and why do you leave the job to give the hiring manager a gist of what kind of a person you are in relation to whether you are the suitable candidate for their job opening. *

    Are musical instruments good to put as hobbies on a CV?
    I play the guitar and piano among other hobbies, so are they good to add?

    • ANSWER:
      oh god yes mate :) they show determination and confidence in my opinion, u have to be talented to play musical instruments, they take time and effort to achieve .

      i play piano guitar and bass so i always put them on my cv

    What should I include in a resume for a bookstore?
    Hi, I just finished high school and have had a casual job in retail for the last few years. However, I've always wanted to work in a bookstore, for example Dymocks. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to include my hobbies in my CV, and whether or not it would be trite to include 'reading' as a pass-time, even if it's 100% true. Does anybody have advice?

    Also, would it maybe not be a good idea to include the fact that I will be doing a civil engineering degree? Would this rule me out? Or does it not particularly matter?


    • ANSWER:
      In a resume, you do not want to focus on the specific job you are applying for. A resume should include your name, address, daily phone number, previous experiences, education...A resume should be usable for various jobs you may be applying for. You would want to include your hobbies and such in your job application if asked, and if not, then that is something to share during your interview for the job. Hope this helps!

    what are good hobbies and interest to put on my cv?
    i need to put some hobbies on my cv and i dont actually do anything. i have just left shool.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't put thinks like reading and walking. You need to put things down that make you look like you socialise alot and are an outgoing person, i.e sports and mention any groups that you are part of. Hope that helps!

    How important is it to put your Interests and Hobbies on your CV?
    Are potential employers really that interested in your interests and hobbies?

    • ANSWER:
      It gives him something to break the ice with or to ask about to put you at ease. Also it shows him if you just lounge in front of the idiot box [could be idle at work too] or are active mentally or physically. Your hobbies are usually put at the end of your CV, and that just about sums up their relevance I think.

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